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Tuition & Fees

Application Fee


$20.00 per student

New Students: Due with application

Returning Students: Due with re-enrollment

Registration Fee


$100.00 per new student

Maximum of $300 per family

Classroom Fee

$400.00 per student

Due July 15th or at time of enrollment if after


Lower School (K5 – 6th): $4285.00 payable at $2142.50 per semester or $428.50 per month per student for 10 months

Upper School Students (7th - 12th): $5495.00 payable at $2772.50 per semester or $549.50 per month per student for 10 months

*** self-paying accounts will receive a 10% discount on tuition if payment is received during the grace period each month

Tuition Discount


Families with multiple children not receiving any other discounts, scholarships, or decrease in tuition will receive a $75.00 discount per child per month.

First student tuition is at full rate, subsequent student(s) will receive a discount per month rate reduction for the school year a $750.00 discount.

NC Scholarship

We accept the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship . This is an exciting opportunity for many families to have the ability to provide a private school education for their child(ren). For more information contact us or visit NCSEEA. We look forward to working with you to ensure a successful and meaningful education for your child(ren).

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